The science behind

Dr. David Sinclair
Professor of Genetics from Harvard Medical School

"Why do we age and how NMN helps? "

Benefits of NMN 

Protects Cardiovascular Health 

.Enhances blood flow
.Reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases

Promotes healthy muscles

.Improve muscle strength and
.Rejuvenates the body to its youthful

Enhances brain function

.Improves cognitive ability, memory, and
.Reduces risks of neurodegenerative     

Lowers risks of obesity

.Promotes metabolism of fats and sugars
.Promotes healthy weight loss

Regulates quality sleep cycle 

.Restores "body clock"
.Promotes longer periods of deep sleep

Protects liver health

.Accelerates alcohol metabolism
.Enhances liver function

Maintains healthy intestines

.Enhances digestive functions
.Regulate intestinal flora

Protects the eyes 

.Promotes good vision
.Protects the cornea

Better skin

.Protects against skin oxidation
.Rejuvate skin to its younger state

Promotes healthy lungs 

.Maintains lung tissue functions
.Prevents lung aging

Supports the immune system 

.Enhances the body's ability to fight
.Protection against foreign viruses and

Maintains healthy hair

.Prevents hair loss
.Increase hair strength and resilience

the most original fuel to our cells

How much should I take?

Take one capsule daily, or as recommended by your health practitioner.

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