About Us

The icells Biotechnology Limited team believes that a healthy body is not the monopoly of the rich, that youth should no longer be determined by age, and that money and age should no longer be the reason for constant doubt.

The icellsbio mission is simple - to bring innovative science and cellular repair to life for everyone at the most affordable price. We use the highest quality ingredients from around the world to produce the highest quality products with focus, expertise, concentration and purity, bringing cellular repair and genetic change to every one of our customers, giving you the most universal cellular health solution.

Through NMN, icellsbio restores and strengthens cellular health, improves overall body function and helps each client to fight to age and rejuvenate.

“i” for...


Scientific discoveries are made every day. We vow to continually provide everyone with the most innovative products.


Energy is the true secret of living our lives to the fullest. We believe vigour is what defines youth and beauty.


Providing the safest products with the highest regulatory standards and transparency is always going to be our priority.